Take Your Pets to Pet Friendly Hotels and Other Lodging

Do you have furry family members that you love to spend so much time with, that you cannot bare to part with them for very long? Today, unlike in past years, you can now travel with your pets on your many vacation travels. Did you know that over 63% of households in the USA have a pet and over 29 million traveled with their pet? More than 30% seek lodging that welcome their pets. As for lodging options, there are numerous pet friendly motels, resorts, cabins, hotels, etc to make you and your pets more comfortable and feel safe and have more fun with your fur babies during your trip. While pet friendly hotels are on the rise, make sure your hotel welcomes your pooch before you book your trip. More and more lodging sites see themselves as pet-friendly, but does that mean they really are? If you’re planning a vacation and want to include your pet, you’ll need to know what rules and policies pet-friendly hotels have. Every pet-friendly lodging facility has its own rules, and these policies can differ among lodging sites. When you travel with your pet, be sure your hotel has its pet policies in writing. You may want to know if the facility requires your pet to be kenneled at all times during your visit. Ask about the hotel’s leash policy too. Some accommodations limit the number of pets you can bring and how much they can weigh too. Some allow only certain types or breeds of pets. Some only allow dogs. Should you decide to risk it and bring your cat, know that pet owners that break the rules are subject to fines and may be asked to leave. A select few pet friendly lodging sites offer features like toys, pet blankets and extra treats, and even leash-free play areas, fenced in outside areas, and more, to make lodging stay as enjoyable for the pets as well as their human owners too. So before you book your next vacation time, be sure to think of your pet(s) needs too and think about bringing them along too!

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