Family travel is no reason to go sabotage your diet or slack-off on your workouts. It’s okay to indulge once in a while, but pigging out on your vacation may leave you less than satisfied, especially if you recently lost a lot of weight. The good news is you can eat healthy and lose weight on vacation. Don’t believe me. Here’s my story.

How I lost weight on my family travel to Great Britain

My dad and I took our first international trip together to Great Britain in 1997. I was nervous, he was nervous, and we both lost weight. I lost about 15 pounds, and my dad lost about 12 pounds. How did we release the pounds? Keep reading.

Family travel usually includes sightseeing. Many destinations offer walking tours. Not only is walking is a low-impact form of exercise, but it’s perfect for the entire family. You lose weight by spending time with each [...]

It’s easy to plan your family vacation, right?

Not so fast.

Families are diverse. Everyone has their favorite travel vacation destination. Teens may not want to go on a family vacation because they think they’re too old to hang out with the family. Ugh! What are parents to do?

Never fear, GuestQuest Vacations is here. We take the stress out of planning your family vacation.

5 Hot Tips to Help You Plan Your Family Vacation

Don’t wait until the last minute

It’s not a good idea to wait until the last minute to plan your family vacation. Why? You could miss out on fantastic deals and specials that only last for a limited time.

Most families take a family vacation each year. Right?

Think about next year’s vacation a few weeks after you come home from this year’s family vacation. Why?

It’s a good way to jumpstart your vacation planning. This way you won’t stress [...]

There’s no doubt that frequent family travelers have a list of must-haves. But you can’t squeeze everything into a suitcase, car, or carry-on bag. Below is a list of must-haves for families that are ‘seasoned’ travelers and those who are taking their first trip.

7 Frequent Family Travel Must-Haves

Healthy family

You probably already know that it’s important to get regular checkups. Your health is a MUST-HAVE for your family travel. Traveling when you’re sick is never a good idea. You won’t have any energy and you can make the people around you sick.

It’s never a good idea to travel with with sick children.

Make sure everyone sees the doctor before you leave on your family vacation. It’s important that your family is in good health to travel. Otherwise, you could find yourself dealing with sickness on your vacation, and you trip will be a short one.


Family road trips can be fun! [...]

A family vacation is when a family comes together to share a wonderful travel experience; to create memories that will last a lifetime. Sometimes, it works out that way. And sometimes you have travel memories you’d like to forget.

“Are we there yet?”

“I’m hungry!”

“I have to go to the bathroom!”

How many times have you heard those phrases while you’re speeding down the highway in your SUV or RV with the entire family? What about when you’re 30,000 feet in the air?

Let’s face it; taking the family on vacation can be an adventure in and of itself. Please everyone and you’ll have an enjoyable family vacation.

Have a meeting about your family vacation

Before you surprise your family with a family vacation, hold a meeting to discuss it instead. Hear and listen to what your kids have to say about ‘suggested’ family vacation destinations.

Teenagers may not be thrilled to travel during [...]

The latest travel trend is grandparents traveling with grandchildren — with and sometimes without parents. Grandparents traveling with grandchildren can bond with them and create memories that will last a lifetime. Below are tips for grandparents traveling with grandchildren — follow these and you’ll have the time of your life!

Tips for Trendy Grandparents Traveling with Grandchildren

Choose a travel destination that’s “right” for everyone.

It’s important to plan a family vacation that appeals to everyone; otherwise, traveling with grandchildren may not be fun. Ask your grandchildren where they’d like to go and what they’d like to do on vacation. Review all of the travel ideas and plan a vacation that everyone will enjoy.

Air travel.

You don’t want air travel to be your first vacation with your grandchildren. However, after you’ve traveled a few times, plan a beach or adventure vacation that requires you to fly to the destination.

Tip #1: Book non-stop flights [...]

Does your family travel throughout the year? Are you preserving your family travel memories? Let’s face it; kids don’t stay small and young forever. Before you know it, they’ll be teenagers thinking about which college or university to attend. Don’t allow your family travel memories to slip through your hands. Below are 5 ways you can capture your family travel memories. Revisit them anytime you want!

Preserve Family Travel Memories That Will Last a Lifetime

1. Keep a journal. Not only is journaling relaxing, it’s a great way to capture your family travel memories. You don’t have to write pages and pages of your travels. Jot down the key points and funny moments of your family’s vacation. You could have each family member write in the journal or provide them with their own journal so they can write down the travel experience.

2. Bring a netbook, iPad, and or digital camera on your family vacation. [...]

Who doesn’t want to win a free cruise? The best part about a cruise vacation is that there’s something for everyone. Moms and dads can have a great time whooping it up on the dance floor at night. Kids love the pools and other water activities. Of course, you can’t forget about the buffets. Don’t worry; you can still work out because most cruise ships have a gym on the ship. The possibilities of a cruise vacation are endless!

Before You Sail Away on a Cruise Vacation, Read The Following

Why do people like to go on a cruise vacation?

A cruise vacation is fun for the entire family. There are many cruises to select from such as Princess Cruises, Carnival, Norwegian, Royal Caribbean, Disney, and more.

What can you do on a cruise?

The question is, “What can’t you do on a cruise ship?” Activities range from shopping and dining to water sports. Fitness [...]

Traveling with the entire family can be an adventure in and of itself. Kids get tired and cranky as do moms and dads. Lighten up! Family travel is supposed to be enjoyable and fun. Follow the 7 rules for family travel listed below to make your next family vacation the best one yet!

Family Vacation – Don’t Break These 7 Rules for Family Travel 

1. Choose a family vacation that’s right for the whole family. Before scheduling your next family vacation, vote on it. Gather everyone’s input and weigh the pros and cons of each travel vacation idea. If a vacation is vetoed, explain why. Kids need to understand that while their effort is appreciated, their vacation idea may not be feasible at this time.

2. Select the right time for a family vacation. It’s important to schedule a family vacation that works for everyone. If you kids look forward to summer camp each year, [...]

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