Ecotourism: What It Is And What Makes It Great

Many people who travel internationally do so in order to gain knowledge and experience of a certain country or culture. The main function of Ecotourism is just that: To build awareness and, more importantly, respect for a certain culture and for the environment. This is to preserve and better local populations all over the world, and is a great way to try something new, by traveling to a natural environment to contribute, volunteer or just have vacation time, all the while using non-destructive means; it’s environmentally-friendly travel, and a great motivator to get out in the world.

There are different types of Ecotourism: Agritourism, where tourists are encouraged to explore the agricultural life of rural communities in a first-hand way, either working alongside the people of the community, or shopping there locally; Community Development, which normally takes place in developing countries, and is a means of experiencing a culture by essentially living there with a local family to learn about the community and find ways to help; Ecolodging, which is an eco-efficient accommodation venue, usually with sustainable water sources and very environmentally sensitive waste disposal, all in order to instill a reverence for nature and the culture of the location; Eco Trekking, which is basically a way to gain awareness about a certain region’s culture and environment while being active, by traveling to a destination to go hiking, climbing, water rafting, etc.

Ecotourism is a totally new way to travel. It’s not only exotic and exciting and something totally outside of your everyday, it’s also morally uplifting as well as educational. If you are into getting to know mother earth, and if you’re up for adventure, then Ecotourism might just be your new favorite way to travel.

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