Bavarian Easter Celebration

Explore all of Frankenmuth to view the colorful Spring decor and take joy in our Bavarian Easter Celebration with us! The first Osterbrunnen Easter celebration began in Frankenmuth in 2008.

The combination of the two symbols, water and eggs, has led to a wonderful Christian tradition which is still copied in various ways by a number of communities. In 2000, there were 206 documented cities and villages in Franconia Germany that followed this tradition. Since Franconia is the area from which the early settlers of Frankenmuth originated; we thought it was appropriate to mirror the Osterbrunnen tradition in our city.

Throughout Frankenmuth

Start Date 03-24-2023
End Date 04-23-2023

For more information:
Event Contact: Frankenmuth Visitor Center

Type of Event
Arts/Culture/Dance, Festivals/Fairs, Historical Events, Holiday, Other

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