Explore the Timeless Beauty of
Bristol Caverns in Bristol TN

Bristol Caverns is one of the oldest and most beautiful attractions in northeast Tennessee. The Caverns are located at the gateway to the Great Smoky Mountain Region in Bristol, TN.

The remarkable caverns were carved by the ancient Underground River from the core of the earth some 200-400 million years ago. A strange and exciting experience awaits you far below the earth’s surface when you explore the beautiful and majestic Bristol Caverns. The paved and well lighted walkways wind through the vaulted chambers as you tour the Caverns and its timeless beauty. The tour takes you to all three levels of the caverns – from Mayor Preston’s Chamber in the upper section to the winding banks of the Underground River 180 feet below on the cavern floor.

The Indians used the river in the frontier days. Retrace the [...]

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