West Tennessee is Best Tennessee!

On the surface, Southwest Tennessee is a collection of charming small towns, mom-and-pop eateries, courthouse squares and barbecue gems. Dig a little deeper and you’ll uncover the fascinating stories, people and places that have shaped American history and culture. It’s defined, in part, by the stories of the larger-than-life figures with ties to the area.

In Southwest Tennessee, you can learn of the railroad history of the area, stroll through the home of Railroad Legend Casey Jones, learn how President Andrew Jackson and frontiersman David Crockett are tied to the area. Get to know Walking Tall Legend Sheriff Buford Pusser of McNairy County, who famously fought crime along the Mississippi state line in the 1960s.

Explore the history of African-Americans in the South, with sites that tell the stories of slavery and war, early freedom and the blues culture and the struggle for civil [...]

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