The Putnam County Convention and Visitors Bureau, Chamber of Commerce, and the Town of Eleanor, are hosting a one-of-a-kind event with a select group of WV food trucks and great live music. Get ready to chow down, rock out, relax, and have fun at the 4th annual West Virginia Food Truck Festival at Eleanor Park & Fair Grounds in Eleanor, WV. 

  • March 4, 2021
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Hatfield-McCoy Trails in West Virginia:
An Authentic Vacation Experience

In a world full of overrated pleasures and manufactured entertainment, what could be a better antidote than the authentic thrills of The Hatfield-McCoy Trail System in West Virginia? The wilderness is our landscaper, with flora and fauna competing for attention. Nature is our architect, as mountains create vistas more amazing than anything one could see from any skyscraper. The moon and stars stand in for neon lights.

Let amusement parks keep their roller coasters. We offer a riding trail for every day of the week, and more, with a total of 10 trails and nearly 1,000 miles. No two rides are ever the same, as rugged terrain winds its way to panoramic views that deserve to be seen only by those with wings or a brave spirit.

Concrete jungles may need makeshift fountains to decorate their world, but ours [...]

Discover Small-Town Charm in
Putnam County, West Virginia

Guests discover small-town charm and a warm welcome in Putnam County, West Virginia, with access to West Virginia’s two largest cities, Huntington and Charleston, just minutes away.

Tastes exciting flavors, whether you crave bold ethnic cuisine or down-home country cooking, the growing local food scene has flavors to please any palate. From farm-to-table to spicy Thai or Pub Fare, we’re sure you’ll find something mouthwatering to enjoy.

Explore local shops featuring home décor, boutique clothing, handmade and locally made items and more. Locals and visitors alike love to visit Main Street in historic downtown Hurricane, featuring a variety of unique shops and eateries, such as Drip’s Cafe on Main, Peyton and Peppy and Oodles.

The newly renovated Valley Park provides recreation opportunities with a brand-new sports complex, scenic walking trails (including the Bear Wood Fairy Trail), accessible playgrounds, [...]

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