Visit Pulaski TN – Cut and Run to Highway 31

Looking for some delicious Tennessee barbeque or just want to hear that long southern draw? Pulaski TN is the perfect place to experience Southern hospitality while indulging in fine cuisine and seeing your family blissfully lose themselves in this precious time known as vacation. Take the time to cut and run to Highway 31, the South’s Mother Road. Smell the whiskey, taste the grapes, hear the music, and see the beauty of Giles County’s countryside.

History: Towering above the city of Pulaski stands the sublime Giles County Courthouse. After burning down in the past, the Giles County Courthouse was rebuilt to its current grandeur. Grand staircases and massive columns that seemingly lead to the sky, and are topped with intricate designs, welcome potential visitors. Inside, marble covers the floor and adorns the walls; most of the Giles County Courthouse is made [...]

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