Lake Ontario Wine Trail … Be Prepared to Be Amazed

From boutique wineries and craft distilleries, to charming B&Bs, cultural restaurants, abundant New York farms and farm markets, unique shops, dream-inspiring coastal landscapes and sites, the Lake Ontario Wine Trail is an adventure.

The Trail stretches along Lake Ontario, between Rochester and Syracuse NY. Our farms and farm markets grow much of New York’s food, as they are high ranking producers of apples, onions, grapes, maple syrup and more.

Our soil and climate, coupled with years of experience in the industry, make the Lake Ontario wines and craft spirits distinctive. Each bottle of wine and spirit is handcrafted with care, and with each “see, swirl, sniff and sip” we offer you a tantalizing taste of what is here.

Around each turn on the Trail is a new vista to be discovered. Plan a day trip and be [...]

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