Welcome to Ohio’s Amish Country

Whether you’re looking to immerse yourself in a rich culture, hop on a tour, enjoy a little comfort food or find your bliss away from the everyday, you’ll find what you are looking for here in Ohio’s Amish Country.

There’s nothing quite like finishing a project with your own hands. You’re making an idea into a real, concrete thing. Ohio Amish Country’s tradesmen and artisans know a bit about this. We also know that sometimes you need a little help from your friends. Barns don’t get raised by a single person. When your DIY gets complicated or requires unique materials, our building supply shops can help. Offerings range from custom milled trim and rare species woods to pine boards to hammers and nails. Not sure what you need? Consult with these shops for ideas or to have them design a custom piece for you. Our area homes many Amish builders who love nothing more than to create elegant and lifetime pieces for you.

Hear the outdoors calling? Located at the edge of the Appalachian foothills, Holmes County has diverse geography, wildlife, woodlands, and vistas. These hills hold plenty of outdoor escapades. Put in near town or head to a scenic spot for a day of canoeing on the Mohican River. Spot sandhill cranes, bald eagles, muskrats, minks, and beavers around the Killbuck Marsh Wildlife Area.

We approach life a little differently, and the best way to learn about that is to join in! Tour an Amish home if you wonder how a typical Old Order Amish bedroom looks. Book a backroads tour if you want to locate those home-run businesses along our country lanes. Tours provide you the chance to reserve dinner in an Amish home or grab a bite where the locals go–and that’s any area restaurant. From tours to workshops, we’d love to show you around.

If you’ve only stopped long enough to fill-up on Amish noodles and peanut butter spread, you’re missing the main course. In Ohio Amish Country, dinner here is always family-style, no matter what’s being served. We’ll pass the potatoes and fresh baked bread. We’ve got the broasted chicken and the green beans steaming. Peach cream pie cools on the counter. There’s plenty of time to fill your stomach and spirit with the energy of our community.

We know how to grow fresh produce in Amish Country. That includes grapes and hops, and we know how to use them. Get ready to relax. There’s something special about a midsummer Saturday spent sipping rosé on a breezy deck while live music plays. It’s not a fancy affair. We keep it casual. There’s space for games and conversation. It’s also about sinking into the slowed speed of the country, about appreciating the moment instead of living for the minute.

The possibilities are endless for your trip to Ohio Amish Country to find out more or plan your next adventure call 877-643-8824 or go to www.visitamishcountry.com for free information packets.

Visit Amish Country

6 W Jackson St
Millersburg, OH 44654

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