So Many Beaches, So Many Good Times in Florida

As you plan your vacation, getting away from the cold weather just isn’t enough: You want your beach vacation to warm you to the bone, long enough to last long after you’ve returned home from your trip. So you’re on a quest for the perfect Sunshine State vacation: a Florida getaway. With the longest coastline in the contiguous United States, you have more than 1,300 miles of breathtaking Florida beaches and oceanic attractions from which to select.

Whether traveling with the kids or enjoying your own time off, Florida vacation destinations are the perfect getaway for every size family. Any travel guide will tell you: Tourism and tourist attractions are Florida’s specialty, as they welcome more winter and spring guests than any other vacation destination in the world. Many of the globe’s top theme parks are waiting for you to visit and have the vacation experience of a lifetime. Or for something a little “earthier”, you can tour the intriguing natural habitats and history of the tropical wetlands in the Florida Everglades. Or get up close and personal with the ocean and enjoy the best boating and fishing destinations in the world. Or simply warm your spirit on the multitude of beaches with your every need met by world-class hospitality specialists.

With miles and miles of beach vacation destinations, the Florida coast and Keys are the perfect spot for you to relax, recharge and enjoy the abundant pleasures of the ocean, both above and below the waterline. An abundance of resort hotels, cozy bed and breakfasts, or even quiet, private rentals can make your Florida vacation as fast or slow-paced as you prefer. Florida vacation destinations allow you to customize your experience so it perfectly suits your vacation needs.

Whether family-friendly mild or Spring Break wild, your quest for the perfect Florida vacation ends here. Let your adventure begin!

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