Travel Tips: Saving Gas on Your Family Vacation Getaway

The price of gas may be sky-high, but that doesn’t have to mean your 2008 family vacation getaway is relegated to walking down the block and having a barbeque with the neighbors. Here, we’ll look at some ways to save moolah on your next holiday trip by being wise about gasoline.

1. Curb your appetite for speed

Have a “Lead Foot Larry” at the wheel? Ask him or her to slow down as you’re driving to your family vacation destination. The closer to the speed limit you get, the more efficiently your automobile will run.

2. Rent or borrow a car

Do you own a truck or an SUV? If you’re traveling to Georgia lodging from your home in Virginia or driving to one of those gorgeous Kentucky resorts from the northwest, consider renting or borrowing a fuel-efficient car. Sure, you’ll have to pack a little lighter… but who needs seventeen pairs of shorts, anyway?

3. Start walking or biking

Once at your family vacation spot, forget about jumping in your car unless you absolutely cannot get to your destination any other way. Even five miles isn’t daunting; after all, you have all day to get there! As long as you can safely travel on foot or by bike, do it! (You may even lose a pound or two while you’re at it!)

4. Take public transportation

Many holiday destinations (think New York City vacations as an example) have terrific public transportation, such as subways, trains, trams, trolleys and buses. Whenever possible, take advantage of these wonderful modern traveling systems. Not only will they save you gas money, but you’ll be able to see more than you otherwise would.

Perhaps you have other ways to save gas when traveling to and enjoying the best family vacation spots on the planet! GuestQuest would love to know about them… so feel free to comment!

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