Endless Family-Friendly Fun Outside Activities During The Summer

There is endless family-friendly fun outside activities during the summer; it’s very easy to just look around your local town to find something for the kids to do. For example, go find the nearest park and call them up or go on their website and see what summer activities and events they have planned! Go walking or hiking the many trails at your local, state and/or national park system too. Let the kids invite their friends over to enjoy an outdoor backyard camping party! If you have dogs, you can search your local newspaper or online to see a list of all the dog friendly events going on all summer long too. Go searching for waterfalls and rivers and creeks, and gather different items you find on your walks, and create a nature scavenger hunt! Attend a local theme park or some summer festivals and fairs and go on all the rides and attractions. Go on a picnic with a loved one or lots of family members, and play volleyball or flag football or horseshoe or cornhole in public. Go horseback riding. Attend a sports game, be it professional or little league or high school games. Go sailing, and if you don’t own a sailboat, rent one and take sailing lessons. Take a summer afternoon or evening cruise locally. Go speed boating, tubing, water skiing or jet sitting on a river or lake. Go kayaking or canoeing down a river or lake, even better when you and family are camping somewhere. Get paddleboating lessons or try stand up paddle boarding instead. Find a nearby beach and just lay in the sun and chill. Go camping in a tent or rent a cabin and stay on a campground, or rent a trailer or motorhome and travel with it one weekend. If you love animals, visit an awesome zoo, a local petting zoo, a working farm, or even go visit and volunteer your time outside at a local animal sanctuary. Search the papers for a list of outdoor music festivals and summer concerts; most cities have them every summer.

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