When traveling with your family this year, perhaps you want to take the rest of your family with you, your beloved furbabies too, but you are not quite sure how best to prepare and to ensure a safe trip with them along as well. As a pet parent, you feel like a trip is not a fun trip without your furbabies there with you. Here are some quick tips to help you plan a safe and fun trip with your dog or cat member of the family too.

Remember, no matter where you are going or how you plan to get there, the ASPCA recommends you make sure your pet is microchipped for proper ID, wears a collar and tag imprinted with your name, phone number and any relevant contact information, and include a temporary travel tag [...]

At some point in their lives, many people think about trying RVing with their family at least once… just to try it out. Perks and advantages far outweigh any negatives for you and the family. Here are some quick tips to help you navigate your first family RV trip. It’s like cruising on a ship… but on land!

Some advantages and benefits include, only having to unpack once during the trip, and you get to visit numerous destinations! Once you unpack on the RV that first day, you will have everything in its place, you can hit the open road and never worry about packing and unpacking suitcases again (that is, until your next RV trip, because you may find yourself hooked!). Another perk is that you can cook whatever you like, whenever you want, wherever you wish, [...]

There is endless family-friendly fun outside activities during the summer; it’s very easy to just look around your local town to find something for the kids to do. For example, go find the nearest park and call them up or go on their website and see what summer activities and events they have planned! Go walking or hiking the many trails at your local, state and/or national park system too. Let the kids invite their friends over to enjoy an outdoor backyard camping party! If you have dogs, you can search your local newspaper or online to see a list of all the dog friendly events going on all summer long too. Go searching for waterfalls and rivers and creeks, and gather different items you find on your walks, and create a nature scavenger hunt! Attend a local [...]

Jonesborough, TN: The power of storytelling is unquestionable. We are all storytellers and we live our lives through a network of stories. The cornerstone of the International Storytelling Center is a belief in a single, immutable principle of life—storytelling. People crave, remember, and honor stories.
Info: http://www.storytellingcenter.net/festival/

Cumberland, OH: Tucked into the countryside of Cumberland, Ohio is an unexpected home of rhinos, giraffes, cheetahs, takin and many other rare and exotic animals. This home is The Wilds – one of the largest animal conservation centers on the continent.
More Info: http://www.guestquest.com/listings/wilds-zipline-safari/

Kingsport, TN: One of the nation’s largest city parks, Bays Mountain Park and Planetarium Kingsport TN, is a 3,550-acre nature preserve offering an assortment of activities for all seasons featuring 39 miles of trails perfect for hiking and mountain biking.
Get Info: http://www.guestquest.com/listings/bays-mountain-park-planetarium/

Beckley, WV: Tamarack’s striking, peaked red roof and attractively landscaped grounds draw half a million visitors annually into [...]

Buxton, NC: Located in the quiet village of Buxton NC, Hatteras Island Inn sits on the beach side of the highway and is only steps to the beach. It was designed after a turn of the century lifesaving station. Our spacious, comfortable guest rooms have upscale furnishings, cable TV, microwave ovens, refrigerators, coffee maker, iron and ironing board. Hotel amenities include WI FI in the lobby, laundry facilities, ice and vending machines. Soak up the sun and relax in the refreshing outdoor pool
Info: http://www.guestquest.com/listings/hatteras-island-inn/

Jonesborough, TN: For a memorable stay, book a hotel room at Country Inn & Suites. Our rooms and suites have plush beds for a good night’s sleep, flat-screen TV, microwave, refrigerator and coffeemaker. Upgrade to a Two-Room Suite and enjoy some time to yourself with fireplace, whirlpool tub, two king beds and a sitting area.
Get Info: http://www.guestquest.com/listings/country-inn-suites/

Circleville, OH: The Castle Inn Bed & Breakfast is Central [...]

Maury County, TN: As you travel through Middle Tennessee, you will discover the southern charm of Maury County. The area is known for its antebellum homes and the ancestral home of our eleventh President James K. Polk.
Info: http://www.guestquest.com/listings/maury-county-visitors-bureau/

Franklin, PA: As the County Seat of Venango County, Bicycle-Friendly Franklin has a rich history, dating back to colonial times as the strategic setting of four different frontier forts. But it’s more than the history that you’ll love about our town.
Get Info: http://www.franklinpa.gov/

Jackson, MI: Jackson has tons of family friendly options throughout the year that fuel passions and inspire joy. Everything from outdoor activities, concerts, live theater, shows, art, history, motorsports and beer and wine can be found in Jackson.
More Info: http://www.guestquest.com/listings/experience-jackson/

Luzerne County, PA: Welcome to Luzerne County in the foothills and valleys of the Pocono Mountains. Northeast PA is recognized as a top outdoor recreational area.
Learn [...]

Houghton, MI: Rock Harbor Lodge in MI offers the Park’s only lodging (housekeeping cabins, lake front rooms, plus a full-service restaurant and grill onsite).
Info: http://www.guestquest.com/listings/rock-harbor-lodge/

When traveling during holidays, consider attending these events that will take place during different holidays around the USA. Details and info are below, Enjoy!

On Sat Apr 15, 2017 in Orville, OH, is a wonderful event for families with young children. Meet the Easter bunny and enjoy special activities at the J.M. Smucker Company Store & Café, then hop over to Lehman’s to make a craft and cuddle with live chicks and bunnies.
Info: http://www.guestquest.com/gq_event_listing/easter-hop/

From Tue Jun 20, 2017 – Sun Jun 25, 2017 in Lewisburg, PA, it is the Union County Hometown Independence Day Celebration. Celebrate our nation’s birth and recognize our veterans for their contribution and service to their country, including those who have served during non-combat times or in non-combat locations. These veterans did their part to keep our homeland secure and maintained our freedom by protecting us and being ready at all times. TBD Monumental Mile Run.
Info: http://www.guestquest.com/gq_event_listing/union-county-hometown-independence-day-celebration/

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