Make Changing Airlines Hassle-Free

One of the biggest hiccups of long-distance travel is the dreaded layover, the kind where you have to change airlines at the speed of light. However, when done right this can actually be something that makes your trip easier, as hard to believe as that sounds.

First of all, sometimes booking your flight for multiple carriers can make the whole trip a whole lot less expensive. Also it allows you some flexibility on scheduling your wait time, since airlines can have varying schedules. Just be sure to cross-check the prices to make sure you’re getting the best deal, make sure that the flights are both from the same airport, and try to give yourself a manageable window between flights, so as not to stress yourself out.

Take the cost of the luggage transfer into account with the flight prices so that you’re prepared, or if at all possible, just take carry on bags to avoid any possible confusion. And be sure to make a note of the layout of the airport and where the gates are. Give yourself time to mosey, so that you’re not sprinting from one gate to the next. Avoid the stress; it’s always better to have more time than too little!

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