When planning your family vacation, check out these many exciting sporting events happening across the USA.

On the waters of Lake of Egypt at Marion, Illinois on March 17-18th, 2017, Crappie USA Inc., “America’s Premier National Crappie Fishing Organization”, will hold the first of four $10,000 Super Events. Anglers will be fishing for a 7-fish limit of crappie each day, which could net them a piece of the $10,000.00 in cash and prizes along with the opportunity to advance to the Cabela’s Crappie USA Classic, the most prestigious event in crappie fishing today. A pre-tournament seminar will be held on Thursday the 16th at The Pavilion on 1602 Sioux Drive in Marion. For those not fishing the event, we encourage you to come out to this meeting and meet the top crappie anglers in the region.
More info: http://www.guestquest.com/gq_event_listing/crappie-usa-super-tournament/

The 2017 Midstate Classic will be held on Tuesday, March 14th at the Ridley Sports [...]

Next time you take a family vacation during the winter months, consider attending one of these many winter sporting events and games in the local town or nearby towns. For winter sports, see if any of these many snow sports are available for you to watch or play along yourself too, like luge, skeleton, figure skating, snowboarding, snowmobiling, speed skating, bobsleighing, cross-country skiing, Alpine skiing, ski jumping, hockey teams, and bowling leagues. Like playing these sports too? Find out if there are any open public days like skiing, ice skating or hockey. Sports fanatics love the chance of attending a sport event while on vacation. It’s the powerful smell of popcorn and steaming hot dogs and hamburgers, the thrill of fans cheering for their favorite team, the feeling you get when your team wins too! Due to the conditions and the ease of performing activities, sports schedules vary each season. There are hundreds of different [...]

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