There was a time when traveling had its perks; buying tickets for an airline, showing up to check in for a hotel, or being the first to show up would come with some kind of a reward deal. Now, it’s becoming more and more expensive to simply book a flight and hotel, or even travel by car, with service fees, convenience charges, and toll road payments that you may not see coming.

Airlines – Some airlines have now started charging for carry-on bags; that’s right, carry-on. Some are even charging up to $100 for a carry-on if you do not pay the fee in advance, and more airlines are picking up the same idea. There are also small fees popping up secretively, like $20 for someone calling in to upgrade, $20 if you request that your itinerary be resent, or $5 if you decide to not use the kiosk at the airport and just ask [...]

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