No spring break destination matches the beauty, joy and serenity you’ll experience on your West Virginia vacation getaway. If you’d rather be high up in the wilderness instead of on a crowded college beach, the mountain Ssate welcomes you with open arms, and some of the most amazing forests, lakes, and nature preserves in the country.

From the mountains to the rivers to the many lakes and east coast islands, you’ll never run out of fun, tourist attractions to keep you and your family engaged during your West Virginia vacation. So whether you spend your vacation tenting, RVing, hiking, rock climbing, boating, canoeing, kayaking, white water rafting, fishing, enjoying a steam boat trip, or just relaxing, you’ll want to hit every tourist attraction there is in West Virginia.

Don’t forget to make time for West Virginia’s rich, historical music culture, descending from the Scots-Irish traditions that became the iconic Appalachian folk music. Guitar, banjo and [...]

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