Switzerland County Indiana: A U.S. Destination with a ‘Swiss’ Twist

Visit Switzerland County Indiana for a Relaxed Way of Life

Switzerland County

Visit Switzerland County Indiana

Switzerland County Indiana is where we have a relaxed way of life with a Swiss twist.

‘Birthplace of American Winemaking’ tradition is alive with award winning Ridge Winery. Soak up the Ohio and create a memory for every time you open a new bottle.

Stay with us at the Schenck Mansion, the rustic Bear Scrap Retreat or the Belterra Resort, Casino & Spa. You’ll make memories that call you from home.

We’ve perfected flavors from the farm, our Great Grandmothers and Chef’s taught in faraway places. Savor peach cobbler, Mo burgers or Steak Collinsworth (Filet, Crab, Asparagus, Béarnaise and Bordelaise). You’ll have a hard time recreating these at home.

We’ve been known to pay for your visit. Our gaming tables and slots take you to river times that would be familiar to ‘Gentleman Jim’.

Make us your adventures.

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