There are many caves systems in the US, but our tour guide says the best spelunking is found in the abundant collection of caves located in right in the heart of the USA, especially in Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kentucky and Tennessee. Opportunities are abound for guided tours and rides through caves systems. Or, at many locations, you can don a hard hat and head in on yours own.

Cave exploration is fun year-round activity in every season and for people of every age. Whether you explore solo, as a team, or with the whole family, there’s something quite magical and unforgettable about touring caves and caverns. For those who choose to explore on foot, walking, climbing, sliding and shimmying may be required to complete the cave path of your choice. The staff at your favorite destination and their website will be sure to tell you what to expect, so you can decide your level of [...]

Visit Florida’s Sanibel and Captiva Islands and see for yourself what an island vacation is all about! Miles of unspoiled, seashell covered beaches and amazing variety of wildlife make this a unique vacation haven.

Our beautiful sanctuary islands offer the slow pace of island life rarely found in today’s busy world. Over 60% of the islands have been declared a national wildlife and nature reserve. Choose whether to spend your days enjoying the uncrowded beaches, biking along miles of scenic bike paths through nature preserves, shopping or observing birds and wildlife.

World-class dining, unique boutiques, live theater, endless recreation of golf, tennis, fishing and boating combine to make this a place to truly leave your daily cares behind. No other Florida location can match the natural beauty and serenity of Sanibel and Captiva.

Located on Florida’s Southwest coast, the Sanibel and Captiva Islands are [...]

When you’re traveling it’s easy to indulge yourself when it comes to diet; isn’t that what vacation is for? Yes and no. While it’s nice to experience the food and culture of a new place, it’s still very important to keep a healthy diet while you’re there. Here are a few quick and easy tips that may help you keep off unwanted and unforeseen traveling weight:

Avoid Airplane Meals – Have the foresight to pack a meal for yourself or your family to have on the plane, and avoid to sodas and aiport/airplane food, which can often be less than nutritious. Just don’t pack anything that will get crushed or smashed in your carry on!

Drink A Lot Of Water – You would think this goes without saying, but drinking water is a huge benefit when you are traveling. Try to avoid sodas and alcoholic beverages on the plane since they can increase the effects [...]

The best advice someone can give about camping has to be “Be Prepared.” If you’re prepared it can be a glorious, adventurous dream. If you’re not, that can make a great trip into a miserable one. The way to be prepared is to make sure you have a fully stocked personal camping kit. This will be filled with all of the things you will need for day-to-day camp life, as well as items that could make a huge difference should an emergency situation come up. Here’s the list: (Note: It also wouldn’t be a bad idea to make a checklist so you can mark things off once they are packed.)

1) You will want, and need, a compass. This is the most basic camping necessity and should not be overlooked, no matter how well you are at reading nature’s navigation signs. The compass is the only way to be sure of where you are and [...]

While the holidays are a great time to go visit family and friends, it’s also one of the most expensive times; since everyone will be thinking the same thing and packing up to leave, hotels and restaurants know they can charge top dollar. Here are 10 ways to save while traveling with your family this holiday season:

Eat Well, For Cheap – Skip the fancy sit-down dinners, and start eating out, locally, for cheap. Not only will you be saving money, but you also get the full experience of the cities you are traveling to or through. Also, try to find food trucks whenever possible.

Pick Hotels That Serve Meals – Best way to get bang for your buck, is choose lodging that provides a meal.

Always Pick Rooms With Refrigerators – One of the best ways to save is to bring your own foods, however, bringing perishables like lunch meats won’t do any good [...]

Savor the Flavors Lexington’s Bluegrass Region  

Savor the flavors of the Bluegrass with a tour of Kentucky Bourbon distilleries, a tasting at one of many beautiful wineries, or a sampling of local cuisine—from spoonbread to burgoo!

Shop for unique, handcrafted gifts at the region’s art galleries, or discover your own treasures in antique shops and world-class boutiques. Berea’s local artisans offer hands-on learning experiences for visitors looking to create their own masterpiece.

Commemorate the legacy of the 150th Anniversary of the Civil War at forts, battlefields, civil war tours, and historic homes. From Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill’s living history to the reenactment at the Battle of Perryville this fall, the region’s history and heritage leaves a lasting legacy.

Play outdoors on hiking & bicycle trails, scenic byways, and lakes and rivers throughout the region. For an authentic “horse country” experience, try horseback riding or a tour at the Kentucky Horse Park!

An experience [...]

Visit Ohio ATV World and Quench Your Thirst for Outdoor Adventure 

If you or your family craves a little outdoor activity, why not be one of the first to ride our exciting ZipRail, the only ride of its kind in the world. With your harness attached, you will fly, float, soar, and glide through the trees, swing up, down and sideways! The thrill will take your breath away!

Here at Ohio ATV World, choose between the Alpine ZipRail and the ATV’S rides, each with their own unique thrills. The Alpine ZipRail winds its way through Hocking Hills natural beauty, through trees, over streams, past large rock formations, finally arriving at our Chalet. Over 3000’ of ZipRail excitement! From the deck of our Chalet, you can then ride our ATV’s through 14 miles of beautiful wooded trails.

Ohio ATV World is located at 15155 Sauerkraut Rd, Logan, Ohio 43138 Reservations are suggested, call 740-592-2500 or visit us [...]

Discover Why RE/MAX of the Islands Was Voted ‘Best’ Real Estate Agency

RE/MAX of the Islands is a family owned and operated full service real estate firm on Sanibel and Captiva Islands. The company is celebrating over 20 years of professional real estate service and was voted BEST Real Estate Agency on Sanibel & Captiva Islands for 2010 & 2011.

Sanibel and Captiva Islands offer a truly unique lifestyle. The islands have become a vacation destination for people from all walks of life. Plan your vacation with RE/MAX of the Islands. Select from beachside condos to island bungalows or your own private hideaway. Beautiful and spacious accommodations are available. Amenities include pools, tennis courts, bike trails and world famous shelling beaches.

With RE/MAX of the Islands, you will find your vacation to be an enjoyable experience from beginning to end.

RE/MAX of the Islands

2400 Palm Ridge Road

Sanibel, FL  33957


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