Indiana means “the land of Indians.” And as far as inhabited land in North America, indigenous tribes have called this state home for thousands of years. Even as early settlers moved West, migration was rather horizontal, and folks from their respective parts of the Eastern US found the land of Indians to be the new place to call home, bringing a melting pot of Americana that lives and breathes to this day. All of these poignant moments in time are preserved for tourists attractions by the Indiana Historical Society, and will delight and educate everyone from the Native American researcher to the whole family.

The nature lover has much to do on an Indiana vacation getaway. Spring flourishes with her lush bounty each year, and the destinations to hike, camp, climb, swim, fish, boat, kayak or canoe are in abundance. And Indiana is also home to the longest cave system in the United States. The [...]

Have you ever wondered what it would like to discover Indiana’s Underground? You will be amazed at what lies beneath Historic Corydon and Harrison County.  There are ice age bones, underground waterfalls, rushing rivers and amazing formations millions of years in the making. You can even take an underground boat ride. See where Squire Boone, younger brother of Daniel Boone, now rests and hear his story. Squire Boone Caverns and Indiana Caverns are both in Harrison County and just a short drive away is another cave that is known for its many delicate soda straws and the unique penny ceiling. If you think all caves are the same take a weekend and visit all three caves, you will be sure to have a different opinion by the time you leave. URL:

Get to know Indiana’s first state capitol, Historic Corydon. Tour the State Historic sites where you will step back in time and learn Corydon’s rich history. Visit the first State Capitol, Governor Hendrick’s Headquarters and the Constitution Elm. A short drive away is the home to Indiana’s only Civil War Battlefield, where the Battle of Corydon took place July 9, 1863. Be sure to stop by Zimmerman Art Glass where you can watch a first-hand demonstration of off -hand glassmaking. Zimmerman’s carries on a family tradition that has continued through four generations. After discovering Corydon’s beginnings find out what lies beneath our town.  Have you ever wondered what it would be like to explore Indiana’s underground? Harrison County is home to two spectacular caves and close to a third. Start your caving adventure at Indiana Caverns for a walking tour combined with a boat ride. Along the way you will see ice age bones, amazing [...]

Enjoy the history of those who lived in Noble County, Indiana, located in the northeast part of the state.  Their stories will come alive as you pass their eternal resting places. Historic cemeteries were often designed to welcome visitors’ to explore their grounds surrounded by peace, quiet and nature. Along the trail, you will learn of people who will make you laugh, cry and walk away with a new-found respect for their lives and contributions.

This road trip is like no other featuring over eight historic cemeteries across several northern Indiana counties and communities, along the Grand Army of the Republic Highway

Guided, group, and self-guided tours through these silent cities of stone are available.

For more information, contact the Noble County Visitors Bureau at 1-877-202-5761 or Don’t forget to find us on your favorite social media; we are on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter.

Visitors from around the nation visit Grant County, Indiana in search of the Garfield statues scattered throughout the region. This unique attraction is a scavenger hunt of sorts, which includes stops in nine northeast Indiana communities. An audio tour and trail map created by the Grant County Visitors Bureau guide visitors from one town to the next to find festive statues of Garfield the Cat

The Garfield Trail is collaboration among the towns of Fairmount, Jonesboro, Gas City, Marion, Matthews, Sweetser, Swayzee and Van Buren. The project was initiated in honor of the Garfield cartoon creator, Jim Davis, who is an area native. Jim Davis grew up on a farm near Fairmount, Indiana. Davis created the Garfield character and founded Paws, Inc. in 1981. Today, Garfield is the most widely syndicated comic strip in the world. Over 200 million people in 63 countries read Garfield [...]

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