Are you a water lover? You will love our roundup of water activities and water sports for your vacations around the USA. From fishing to snorkeling, from scuba to jetskiing, we offer a host of fun ideas on vacations for water sports enthusiasts! Take in the beautiful blue, in lakes, rivers, and oceans above, on, or below the water’s surface. Sail away and indulge in a vast array of water sports. If you have children, try taking a canoe adventure, or rent a boat and go snorkeling and swimming nearby to visit underwater creatures and plant life. If you are scared to go into the water, try jetskiing or sailboating or speedboating. Most places have local fav fishing spots and you and the kids can enjoy fishing from a boat or from the water’s edge on the land. If you are going on vacation by the coast, ask the locals about where you can take [...]

Did you know that the American Hotel and Lodging Association found that the majority of hotels, motels and other lodging options offer WiFi, even FREE WiFi now? And the study showed that fewer hotels are charging for in-room Web services these days as well. Less than 11% said they still charge for Internet today. One of the newest big questions guests today often ask before booking their stay, is how fast a connection is for their free service. Connection options at many major lodging chains are greatly improving. Guests want WiFi to be free, fast, and simple. Free WiFi has basically become a necessity in this lodging industry. Having free WiFi needs to meet the expectations of the guests for work and for pleasure for business people and family alike.

Guests at many lodging sites get free WiFi on an unlimited number of devices in both guest rooms and in public spaces like the lobby. [...]

If you look around hard enough during your family vacation, you will see there is numerous fun activities to see and do, but look for the more unique specialty activities too. Here are some ideas on things to do that you may not have thought of before. In the wintertime, try skiing, snowboarding or tobagganing with the family, just ask the locals for where their fav spots are for these winter sports. How about building a snowman or snow fort just outside your hotel? Maybe there is a good ice skating rink inside or out on a local lake that others may recommend. Ask the locals for recommendations on other winter activities nearby too. For outside activities while on vacation during the spring or summer months, go walking or hiking, canoeing or kayaking while camping at an approved campground, or go fishing, boating, or boating. Look around for the area’s local playgrounds and parks are [...]

Planning a fun-filled family vacation but not sure what all you can do and plan with your family and kids? Look no further than these awesome outdoor activity ideas this winter! Does your family like to go tobagganing, snowboarding or skiing? Check out the numerous ski and sledding resorts all over the USA; most offer alot more family activities inside too, like family game nights and a campfire with smores and stories too. Go on winter walks or hiking with snowshoeing – you can on while on vacation to walk to new places in that town or just stroll through your own neighborhood or local park. With little children, make a snow sculpture, look for animal tracks, and build a snowman or snow woman. Build an ice igloo or ice fort with them. Make snow angels or participate in a snowball fight in a nearby park with the local kids. Find a well known outside [...]

Everyone knows the feeling of getting off of a long flight, and feeling like a wrung out washcloth. Air travel can really take it out of you, and in the modern day and age where flight is becoming more and more important to our business and personal life, you need to know the best ways to recuperate and recover so that you can get down to doing the things you flew in for in the first place.

One of the most important things that you need to do is to not ignore the effects that flight has on your body. Yes, you are busy, and yes, you may have a limited time at your destination, but if you want to be at 100% you need to listen to what your body is trying to tell you or it may take days to recover. A big part of this is to plan ahead, by scheduling meetings [...]

Sometimes you just want to get away from it all, and one of the most luxurious ways to do so is to take a cruise to some place exotic that you’ve never been before, all while being pampered in the lap of luxury. Before you book your cruise though, there are a few things that a good to know for safety before you can fully relax and enjoy yourself.

There will always be a safety briefing, usually on the first day of the cruise, and as boring as you or your kids may find it, it does pay to pay attention. This briefing will include information on what to do in the case of an emergency, and will let you know how to get from your cabin to the emergency grouping area. This is very important information, don’t miss it; you don’t want to be the only one who doesn’t know where to go!

Try [...]

When exploring other places, especially in other countries, it is always a good idea to look into car rental services. You can encounter many hassles when you are out on a tour, but you can avoid this if you rent a car.

Though public transportation is widely available, such option can’t guarantee a relaxing and memorable vacation. There are several car rentals Miami services depending on the country or place of destination. By doing your homework, you can make a difference and save money that you can use for buying souvenirs or for other important items.

The Conveniences Offered by Car Rentals

The following are the conveniences that you can expect from car rental services:

  • Most of these services are located near, or at the airport/terminal, while others can be found at the center of the city.
  • You can explore remote locations [...]

Family reunions can be a lot of fun. You get to see family members you may not have seen for a couple of years. Perhaps, there are ‘new’ family members you haven’t met. The good news is there are plenty of family reunion locations throughout the U.S. The possibilities are endless!

It’s important to make arrangements early and find a place that works for everyone. This is a good way to prevent family feuds! If you wait too long to plan your family reunion, your favorite hotel or resort could be booked solid. Also, family members may not be able to attend due to previous travel plans.

How to Plan a Family Reunion, Cut Costs, and Have a Good Time

Book early

Beach family reunion locations are popular. The most popular beach vacation destination is Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. If you have your heart set on having your family reunion in SC then you better [...]

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