Family reunions can be a lot of fun. You get to see family members you may not have seen for a couple of years. Perhaps, there are ‘new’ family members you haven’t met. The good news is there are plenty of family reunion locations throughout the U.S. The possibilities are endless!

It’s important to make arrangements early and find a place that works for everyone. This is a good way to prevent family feuds! If you wait too long to plan your family reunion, your favorite hotel or resort could be booked solid. Also, family members may not be able to attend due to previous travel plans.

How to Plan a Family Reunion, Cut Costs, and Have a Good Time

Book early

Beach family reunion locations are popular. The most popular beach vacation destination is Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. If you have your heart set on having your family reunion in SC then you better [...]

driving, leisure, two, Caucasian, travel, talking, steering, asphalt, male, outside, highway, leaning, road trip, twenties, people, blurred, black, female, vehicle, rearview mirror, recreation, listening, focus, conversation, blonde, woman, outdoors, transportation, sports car, trunk, daytime, from behind, back, car, couple, man, vacation, road, convertible, pavement, relaxationWhen people go on family vacation getaways, they tend to let their guards down. And for many adults, that can result in an unexpected “souvenir”: a baby!

Of course, if you’re going to a Tennessee log cabin or South Carolina resort or this purpose, it isn’t a problem. (Many people actually take trips to become “with child”!) But if you are already satisfied with the size of your brood, remember these two travel tips:

  1. Bring your medications with you. If you get to your North Carolina lodging and realize you’ve forgotten them, you can often get an emergency prescription called [...]

You spend tons of time racking up those frequent flyer miles, but are they really doing you any good just sitting there, figuratively collecting dust?

If you have plenty of such miles, and you doubt you’ll be able to use them before their expiration dates, why not give them to a loved one so he or she can have the best family vacation imaginable?

Transferring frequent flyer miles isn’t unheard of; in fact, people do it all the time. However, it’s always best to contact the miles provider to figure out the easiest way for you to give some (or all) of yours away.

Often, you’ll have to purchase the tickets yourself, which will require you to talk with your gift recipient (rather than simply surprising him or her) to make sure you know where he or she wants to go.

Grease the wheels by casually handing [...]

It’s almost the end of 2007, and although most families are deeply entrenched in holiday planning, it’s never too early to begin considering the best family vacation spots for next year.

Obviously, what you and your loved ones will find perfect won’t suit another couple or group; thus, it’s essential to talk with your clan to determine the ideal family vacation getaway locale for all of you in ’08.

In this post, the gurus at GuestQuest have put together some straightforward discussion points to get your brood started on planning for a summer to remember!

1. What does your family like to do?

If you’re all into swimming, family beach vacations seem like a good bet. Whether you choose a room in one of those lovely Delaware resorts or a suite among Florida condominiums, you’ll have a terrific time.

2. What is your price range?

Though you may want to head to a Tennessee log [...]

It’s no secret. The holidays are dreaded by a good number of people. In fact, tons of adults feel completely overwhelmed by the mere mention of the impending expectations of November and December.

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But listen closely.

There’s a way to beat those seasonal blues.

Just grab your nearest travel magazine, hop online and sign yourself and your closest kin or buddies up for a week “away from it all.”

Believe [...]

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