Are you and your loved one planning to get hitched somewhere in the Keystone State? Maybe that Poconos getaway spot that was your family vacation destination as a kid is a place you’ve always wanted to say your vows. Or perhaps you’d love to recite your “I dos” in the City of Brotherly Love.

Regardless, it’s important to know all the marriage license and related info before you you’re your dates and book your stay at one of those awesome Pennsylvania motels, Pennsylvania condos or Pennsylvania resorts.

Here are some of the rules for getting betrothed in PA:

  • It’s okay if you aren’t a resident of the state. Pennsylvania condos and resorts will still be happy to help you with your wedding!
  • A marriage license will cost you, but not too much. Expect to pay around (or less than) $50. You’ll still have plenty left over to spend at [...]

Is Georgia on your mind as you plan your fun family vacations for this year and the years to come? Do you feel The Peach State calling you?

Then definitely grab your family vacation guide and check out the many family vacation packages available. But be advised – as with other locales in the union, some weird (and downright silly) laws do exist in this southern state!

  • In Dublin, Georgia, you can’t drive through any of the playgrounds. So please just park your car away from the swing set if you take the kids to the park that’s closest to your Georgia condominium, okay?
  • Were you planning to spit from a bus or a car during your family vacation destination in Marietta, GA? Hope not – it could get you a fine. (However, if you spit from the window [...]

You hear it calling you – Florida. It’s one of the most popular family vacation destinations in the United States, but did you know that even in this travelers’ mecca there are some bizarre laws on the books?

A few of the more notable headshakers are listed below, courtesy of the researchers at GuestQuest. Enjoy!

  • When you’re at your Florida vacation condo or other Florida lodging, you may be tempted to get a hair trim and color. But watch out if you’re put under the hair dryer! Women who fall asleep while their tresses are being heated can be fined. (The salon owner can be fined, too!)
  • Please don’t bring your elephant along to your Florida family vacation destination. Really, he’ll just cause trouble. See, if you leave Dumbo tied to a parking meter, you’ll be required to pay the parking fee. And [...]

So you’re looking for the best family vacation spot for you and your hubby and kids. And you’ve heard over and over again that Delaware is the place to visit.

Guess what? You’ve been well-informed! Delaware may be small, but it’s been a huge vacation family destination for many generations. In fact, there are plenty of people who wouldn’t feel right if they didn’t head to the state at least once every year.

Still, like our previous post on Alabama, if you’re dead-set on Delaware, it behooves you to know about some of the more bizarre laws on the books. After all, you wouldn’t want your stay at any of the fine Delaware condominiums or Delaware resorts to be marred by a faux pas!

  • Does your Uncle Lester continuously dare people to get married? If so, perhaps it’s best to leave him [...]

You spend tons of time racking up those frequent flyer miles, but are they really doing you any good just sitting there, figuratively collecting dust?

If you have plenty of such miles, and you doubt you’ll be able to use them before their expiration dates, why not give them to a loved one so he or she can have the best family vacation imaginable?

Transferring frequent flyer miles isn’t unheard of; in fact, people do it all the time. However, it’s always best to contact the miles provider to figure out the easiest way for you to give some (or all) of yours away.

Often, you’ll have to purchase the tickets yourself, which will require you to talk with your gift recipient (rather than simply surprising him or her) to make sure you know where he or she wants to go.

Grease the wheels by casually [...]

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