The latest travel trend is grandparents traveling with grandchildren — with and sometimes without parents. Grandparents traveling with grandchildren can bond with them and create memories that will last a lifetime. Below are tips for grandparents traveling with grandchildren — follow these and you’ll have the time of your life!

Tips for Trendy Grandparents Traveling with Grandchildren

Choose a travel destination that’s “right” for everyone.

It’s important to plan a family vacation that appeals to everyone; otherwise, traveling with grandchildren may not be fun. Ask your grandchildren where they’d like to go and what they’d like to do on vacation. Review all of the travel ideas and plan a vacation that everyone will enjoy.

Air travel.

You don’t want air travel to be your first vacation with your grandchildren. However, after you’ve traveled a few times, plan a beach or adventure vacation that requires you to fly to the destination.

Tip #1: Book non-stop flights [...]

driving, leisure, two, Caucasian, travel, talking, steering, asphalt, male, outside, highway, leaning, road trip, twenties, people, blurred, black, female, vehicle, rearview mirror, recreation, listening, focus, conversation, blonde, woman, outdoors, transportation, sports car, trunk, daytime, from behind, back, car, couple, man, vacation, road, convertible, pavement, relaxationWhen people go on family vacation getaways, they tend to let their guards down. And for many adults, that can result in an unexpected “souvenir”: a baby!

Of course, if you’re going to a Tennessee log cabin or South Carolina resort or this purpose, it isn’t a problem. (Many people actually take trips to become “with child”!) But if you are already satisfied with the size of your brood, remember these two travel tips:

  1. Bring your medications with you. If you get to your North Carolina lodging and realize you’ve forgotten them, you can often get an emergency prescription called [...]

Just for fun, our last two posts contemplated ways to arrange for your best family vacation ever according to your astrological sign. So let’s delve into another unconventional planning possibility this week on our GuestQuest blog:

  • Figuring out WHEN to go on vacation depending upon your biorhythms.

“What in blue blazes are biorhythms?”

We’re glad you asked!

The theory behind biorhythms says that every person has cyclical “ups” and “downs” and that these can be predicted. Typically, the primary biorhythms discussed are those governing intelligence, physical ability, and emotions; however, there are supposedly secondary (and possibly tertiary) biorhythms as well.

These biorhythms can be predicted based on your date of birth. Each biorhythm has its own cycle – the intellectual one is every 33 days; the physical one each 23 days; and the emotional every 28 days. Occasionally, they all peak… or tank… together.

“So what does this have to [...]

(This is part ii in our series exploring the possible connection between experiencing the best family vacation of your life by considering your astrological sign!)


In a nutshell: You are very open-minded and can usually find the best in any situation. So if you’re going to be on vacation with many people, you may find yourself being the negotiator or decider for the whole group.


In a nutshell: You are an intense individual, and you like to get your way. You may need to pick a place from the get-go that you know everyone is going to like. Try a family vacation hotspot that’s hard for others to refuse, like condos in North Carolina or a Florida vacation condo.


In a nutshell: You’re a fun-loving sort who craves adventure. Since it’s doubtful you want to sit around all the time at your family vacation destination, make sure there’s plenty for you to [...]

Could astrology play a role in planning your next fun family vacation (or trip alone)?

Though we’re not soothsayers here, we’re not willing to completely deny that, for the right people, planning a great family vacation getaway might just be “in the stars”!

Know your sign?

Then check out our handy dandy guide (which is for entertainment purposes only, of course!) and see where you might want to go this spring, summer or fall.


In a nutshell: You’re a pretty fiery person who is adventurous. So when you look through your vacation guides, ask yourself if each place has enough to keep you busy.


In a nutshell: Loyalty runs through your blood, so you may want to find a vacation spot that hearkens back to your earlier years. There’s nothing wrong with nostalgia! (Go through old pictures to help jog your memory.)


In a nutshell: You’re sociable (if mercurial at times), so [...]

Did you know your family has a collective “personality”?

It’s true… and that means you can plan your best family vacation ever around everyone’s aggregate likes and dislikes.

Just take this handy-dandy quiz and see whether your family should look into Canada lodging in the wilds of Saskatchewan or Delaware resorts where the pampering’s a’plenty.

1. My family is very adventurous.

a. You bet! We like excitement and lots of it!
b. Sorta… but nothing too wild and crazy, please.
c. Yeah, right. We’re stable Mabels around here.

2. My family loves to try new things.

a. From spicy foods to mountain climbing, bring it on!
b. Uh. Sometimes.
c. Not us – we like to stick with what we know!

3. My family takes plenty of pictures when on vacation.

a. Who has time to take photos when you’re parasailing or spelunking?
b. We take as [...]

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