The Internet has made it possible for workaholics to experience their dreams of being on vacation and working at the same time.

But is it really a good idea to take your career with you on your next family vacation to North Carolina in the Outer Banks?

If you’re an American, it’s probably not.

Recent headlines (fueled by a variety of independent polls) suggest that most United States workers take far too few vacations and are regularly stressed out.

Even when they decide to “get away”, they take their cubbies with them. Phone calls, emails, and faxes dominate their trips… and their personal relationships suffer.

Many so-called “Type A” personalities (and “Type B” personalities who are driven by “Type A” bosses) find it nearly impossible to relax, even while at a New Jersey beach or at one of the many Vermont resorts. Ironically, for those men and women, taking time off feels more [...]

It may sound like an impossible dream, but you absolutely can have the best family vacation getaway of your life even if you’re bringing a brood of energetic youngsters with you.

Whether you’re heading to a South Carolina resort or taking a journey to Paris, France, you have the power to make your trip fantastic regardless of number of kids in your group.

What’s the secret?
It’s quite simple: Have reasonable travel objectives.

Often, the biggest problem isn’t that your children are behaving like tots (e.g., crying at inopportune moments, pitching fits at airports, requesting potty breaks every 20 minutes.) The dilemma is that most adults expect too much of their youngsters. They want their family vacation getaway to mirror their romantic getaways to the Canadian hotels they took pre-parenthood… but that’s just not [...]

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